Exclusive: Christina Aguilera talks about her passion for video games and her life as a mom

Exclusive: Christina Aguilera talks about her passion for video games and her life as a mom

Christina Aguilera spoke to People en Español about her love for video games and joining Nintendo’s new campaign with her family . “I am so excited to do this campaign with Nintendo and join forces,” said the singer. “This is something that has been a part of me and my family forever. Since I was a child, it has been a way of reuniting with my family, creating a bond and connecting,” she says of video games. “And what a fun way to escape the problems of the real world and create our own paths.”

This passion is something he shares today with his teenage son Max Liron and his 6-year-old daughter Summer Rain . During the pandemic, they were able to play with their friends also through their video games. “Although they couldn’t see each other [with their friends], they were still able to be active together, have something in common, share laughter and play,” says the famous mom.

She also uses the Nintendo Switch — OLED Model with her children when they accompany her on road trips during her concert tours. “My children have already returned to school and are excited about it,” he says. “We always take advantage of when we are on the road to see new things, do fun activities together,” he adds. “We love to go to different places, to museums and zoos and make the most of our family time. We are a big and very close family, we are always together and with the dogs. Now the playgrounds are open and my children are enjoying that. too”.

The singer also included her sister Rachel, whom her children know as “Aunt Rocola”, in the Nintendo campaign and it was beautiful to share this work project with her family.

“I usually have many roles— as [artist], performer, entertainer, as mom. We moms also have many roles, as caregivers and as a pillar of our families,” reflects the artist, who makes sure to find a balance between her demanding career and family commitments.

The singer just released the music video “For my girls” with Becky G, Nathy Peluso and Nicki Nicole , an anthem of female empowerment. This song is part of a three-part story or chapters, and a project in Spanish that he will launch in 2022. It is his first collection of songs in Spanish since My Reflection. “I was a baby, I was a teenager when I made that record,” she recalls.

His Latino culture has always been present, since his childhood. ” My dad is from Quito, Ecuador , and we heard the language at home and the music in Spanish, so he has [a lot of connection] with my heart and my soul personally,” he says.

Her new LP in Spanish will show her maturity as an artist and a woman. “Now as a mom, after having a career of more than 20 years in this industry, I am so happy that I did not do it before because I come now with a deeper perspective,” she admits. “There are things that I am addressing and saying, and making peace with my past,” he says about his project in Spanish, where he will experiment with various genres and celebrate his love for artists like Chavela Vargas , illustrating through his songs “different parts of be a woman “.

At 40, Aguilera says she is living one of the best stages of her life. The singer appreciates “being surrounded by real people, people who watch your back.”

Today he says he is aware of what really matters. “As time goes by, you really understand — as you go through ups and downs — who the real protagonists are, who the real people are who stay by your side no matter what, and who really understand you. very important, “he acknowledges. “This business comes with so many layers of so many things. At a certain point in my life I was almost afraid of fame because it brought out so much ugliness in people, and over time you can discover who the real ones are.”

Celebrating her 40th birthday last year – with a mariachi serenade – the singer says she was grateful to see so many beloved faces around her. “I am really grateful for the people around me, for my children, for the help of my family,” she concludes. “The hapiness is in the little things”.

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