Husband: Jordan Bratman

Jordan Bratman (born June 4, 1977) is an American music marketer and the husband of singer Christina Aguilera. The song Ain’t No Other Man from Christina’s album Back To Basics is said to be her favorite from the album and was written about Bratman. The couple was married November 19, 2005 in Napa Valley, California.

The son of a music producer, Bratman landed his first gig at sixteen. He went on to intern at several recording studios in New York City, his hometown. After graduating from the Ethical Culture Fieldston School in New York in 1995, Bratman pursued his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management at Tulane University’s A.B. Freeman School in New Orleans, Louisiana. While a student there, Bratman began seeking out and recording local artists at the American Sector Recording Studio in New Orleans.

He and Aguilera welcomed son Max Liron Bratman on January 12, 2008. In November 2007 Aguilera officially confirmed her pregnancy in an interview with Glamour magazine by saying “That’ll be about the time I enter into mommyhood, so… I’m hoping to have started a beautiful family with my husband!” She said about her husband’s feeling on the pregnancy, “Oh, he’s thrilled! He’s just great.”

Father: Fausto Aguilera

“I’m OK”) because she crossed the street once without permission with four and a half years. Later, he grasped a car of the toy shopping and threw it on Christina, while Shelly agarrava him trying the whole time it moved away from the girl, Christina says his memories about his father are distorted and feel better now that may reduce, and talk about domestic violence. Fausto also jerked to meet ladders cold while living in Japan, because he wanted to take cochilar and she was playing too high with their Barbies. Christina comes to his feelings in his song “I’m Ok” of the CD “Stripped” and still does not feel able to say that loves, but for Christina Fausto always will be the ‘Daddy’. ” In 2000, Christina and her father had a rare but brief meeting in New York while she was on tour with TLC, which opened the concerts.

Mother: Shelly Kearns

Shelly was born on March 23, 1960. She is a woman surprising that supports and loves his children unconditionally. Shelly saved enough money while living in a base of army, New-Jersey to escape from Fausto after five years of abuse. It changed itself to Rochester, Pennsylvania with the maternal grandmother, Christina, Delcie M. Fidler. Then later moved to Wexford, Pennsylvania to avert Christina of children in the school that the atormentavam because of their talent lírico. For Christina her mother is a person who supports a more and the only person who believed in it from beginning. The anniversary of Shelly is 23 March .. A woman never tells his real age! Fausto wrote a letter to five pages saying that Christina and Shelly are “full of hatred malignant.” Shelly is scared and Fausto did with it had traumatic stress, but it is well.

Step-Father: Jim Kearns

Shelly was married again in May 12, 1991 with James Kearns, a paramedics. His name is Jim. After marriage, moved to the house in Wexford him to depart Christina colleagues from school that zombavam and threatened. It took some time to Christina trust and accept Jim as a boyfriend of Shelly, but when the girl finally accepted, she received the paternal love that every child needs to receive. Christina called Jim, father, he was one of the people who thanked Christina when she won the Grammy for “Best New Artist”. Christina thanks to Jim for being here when it needed strong support from team behind it to help it to “raise again and continue to walk.”

Sister: Rachel Aguilera

Rachel was born on July 6, 1986, six years after Christina and was subjected to the same abuse that Christina was, except she was too young to remember all that happened. She loves to paint and held a gallery in Pittseburgh recently. She looks almost identical o Christina and she is very skinny. She has a boyfriend, and she is very shy around camera’s, especially when they are two feet away. Christina and Rachel love to play ‘Super Mario Brothers’ on he Platinum Nintendo Game Cube, whenever they see each other. Christina calls her ‘Rocola (tocola,chocola)’ or ‘Fat hog’ from the ‘Fat Cow Club’, or FC for short. Rachel always makes Christina ‘smilies and laughs’ when ‘I’s be down’and always knows what to say to make ‘grumpy pants’ and ‘sad pants’ go away. Rachel gets home schooled, just like Christina did. Rachel and Christina attended an Alicia Key’s concert in Los Angeles in June of 2001 and were completely amazed. Then they went to Dominique Swain’s birthday party and had a great time hanging out and joking around with her and with Andy Dick and others. Rachel gets away with so much more than Christina did.

Half-Brother: Michael James “Mikey” Kearns

Michael was born on April 30, 1996. Christina called the “Nanashpeeq” of the “Club of Vaca Gorda.” The name of the dog Papillion, Mikey is Snowball (Bola de Neve). Mikey had the arm when he broke engessado pretending to be a bear leaping out of the couch. Mikey has a standard bed of Harry Potter, which looks like a castle. Christina surprised Mikey with a kit of batteries during June 2001, so that he could play drums with his father. Christina feels guilty for being occupied more rather than see the younger brother grow, so whenever she has time is with the little daughter in his cola.

Grandmother: Delcie Mabel Dunfee

Delcie M. Fidler (married name) was born on December 21, 1920. She was the maternal grandmother of Christina and was married to Lowell Fidler Marley, which died in September 1972. It was she who welcomed Shelly, Christina and Rachel when they fled from Fausto because of domestic abuse. Delcie is the main reason for Christina is where it is. It was the grandmother noted that the gift of musical granddaughter and that Shelly advised to take it on talk shows and events, competitions for freshmen. Delcie showed the Christina styles of music of the years 20, 30 and 40 in which Aguilera is based on his album Back To Basics. It was the grandmother who made Etta James, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Ottis Redding, Aretha Franklin, Louis Armstrong, among other icons of the music Soul, Blues and Jazz. Delcie died on 25 October 2006 by health problems.

Uncle: James Fidler

James Fidler is the uncle of Christina, sister of Shelly and son of Delcie. James lived with the mother when Shelly, Christina and Rachel fled the house to go live with Delcie. James recalls that when everyone was sitting at the kitchen table and audio atrapalhava, Delcie screamed “Christina turn off the radio,” and she replied “Vovó, the radio is not connected,” she was singing. James recalls those moments with pride.

Step Sister: Stephanie Kearns

Stephanie is the daughter of Jim Kearns with his ex-wife. Sister Casey, and half-sister, Christina, Rachel and Michael, Stephanie has childhood and adolescence living with Jim and the family of Christina. Currently Stephanie lives with her mother and does not have much contact with Christina.

Step Brother: Casey Kearns

Casey is the son of Jim Kearns with his ex-wife, brother of Stephanie. It also has childhood and adolescence living with Jim, Shelly, Christina, Rachel, Stephenie and Michael. Currently lives with the mother and sister and does not have much contact with Christina.

Mother In Law: Gail Bratman

Bratman Gail is the mother of Jordan and in-law of Christina Aguilera. Shortly know about it, but Gail is married to Jack Bratman and are very much in the life of Jordan and Christina after married.

Father In Law: Jack Bratman

Jack Bratman is one of the owners of Azoff Music Mangement, one of the largest companies in the music industry in the world. Jack is married to Gail and has three children: Jordan, Alex and Josh. Besides being father of Jordan.

Sister In Law: Alex Bratman

Alex is sister of Jordan and Josh, Alex has a daughter and is married.

Brother In Law: Josh Bratman

Josh Bratman is son of Gail with Jack, brother of Jordan and Alex as ;ittle is known about him.

Niece: Sophie

Sophie is the niece of Christina, also the daughter of Alex Bratman, sister of Jordan.

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