Birth Date: December 18, 1980

Birth Place: in Staten Island, NY

Father: Jim, works in the military

Mother: Shelly, violinist, pianist; president of Christina’s fan club

Sister: Rachel; younger

Sister: Stephanie; younger

Brother: Michael; younger

Brother: Casey; younger

Ex-Husband: Jordan (works in her managment team)

Pets: 2 dogs

Education: High school

  • She is a former member of the Mickey Mouse Club which included Britney Spears, J.C. and Justin of ‘N Sync and Felicity’s Keri Russell.
  • She appeared on Star Search at age 9
  • Her first kiss was at age 6
  • She took off all her piercings, except for a “special” one that “is for me”, she says.
  • She’s got 4 tattoos.
  • She’s been performing since age 6?
  • Christina has been singing and performing ever since she was in diapers. She used to lay a towel on the floor in the bathroom and use the shampoo bottle as a microphone?
  • During Christina’s early years, the Aguilera family followed her father’s assignments to Florida, Texas, New Jersey, and Japan?
  • Christina’s parents are divorced?
  • Christina’s mother was abused by her father?
  • Christina doesn’t have a close relationship with her father?
  • Christina is half Hispanic and half American-Irish?
  • Christina’s father is from Ecuador, South America and he used to be in the army?
  • Christina appeared on Star Search when she was 9?
  • Christina started her career singing the National Anthem for the NFL team Pittsburgh Steelers at the age of ten?
  • Christina was one of the youngest on the Mickey Mouse Club?
  • Christina and Britney Spears used to be good friends?
  • When Christina was 12, she and Britney looked up to Keri Russell?
  • Jamie Lynne, Britney’s little sister, used to love playing with Rachel, Christina’s little sister, when Christina and Britney were in the Mickey Mouse Club?
  • Christina’s mother, the former Shelly Fidler, was a talented violinist who toured with the Youth Symphony Orchestra as a teenager?
  • Christina has never severed links to her home in Pittsburgh?
  • Attended North Allegheny High School up until the 9th grade in Wexford, a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania?
  • Christina was made fun and bullied of in school?
  • Aguilera, sued Warlock Records, Platinum Recording Group and producers Robert Allecca and Michael Brown to prevent them from releasing “Just Be Free”, a demo compilation she recorded when she was just 14 years old?
  • When Christina was 15, she had a crush on Red Hot Chilli Peppers’s David Navarro. She used to sleep with the inside cover of RHCP CD every night underneath her pillow. For Halloween, she carved a Dave Navarro pumpkin?
  • When Christina was called to LA to prove she could sing, she sang a song from “the preacher’s wife” acappella, and Ron Fair loved it?
  • Christina made her first recording as a fourteen-year-old on a duet with Japanese singer Keizo Nakanishi. The song was called “All I Wanna Do”?
  • Christina took her first voice lesson after she was hired to sing “Reflection.” Her vocal coach is now Don Lawrence. She uses a practice tape to warm up before big shows?
  • Christina toured with TLC?
  • Sang “Don’t Make Me Love You (Till I’m Ready)” on the soundtrack of the Madonna-Rupert Everett movie “The Next Best Thing”?
  • Christina’s debut album went ten times “Platinum”?
  • Christina’s first single, “Genie in a Bottle,” sold over two million copies in 1999 and its Spanish-language version, “Genio Atrapado,” helped Aguilera become a rare crossover success from the pop mainstream to the Latino market?
  • Jorge Santos (Christina’s former boyfriend) was her first love?
  • Genie In A Bottle was originally called ‘If You Want To Be With Me’?
  • Christina was in the car driving with one of her friends when she first heard her song on a radio?
  • What a Girl Wants was originally called What a Girl Needs but Ron Fair thought that What a Girl Wants was catchier?
  • Come On over was originally called All I want is You (by the writers), but when Christina and Ron etc worked on the song they decided to call it Come On Over?
  • Blessed almost didn’t make it. Christina and Ron was listening to a tape of about 20 demo songs and they were all bad, and they said, just one more then we stop, and then the next was Blessed?
  • Obvious was one of the original demo tracks that was sent to Ron Fair before Christina was signed with RCA?
  • Christina was 2000’s 10th biggest earning pop act raking in $81 million in U.S. album sales and $13.5 million in tour revenues?
  • Christina was the only female guest performer on VHI’s ‘Men Strike Back’?
  • Brian McKnight thanks Christina in “Thank You’s” at his new album: “To Christina Aguilera- it was a pleasure working with you”?
  • Adrienne from 3LW (Jorge’s cousin, who was Christina’s fiance) asked Christina to be in their video for “No More”, but Christina’s so busy that she turned it down?
  • Christina was the first celebrity to sign a letter from PETA to the South Korean government asking that the country stop its alleged “abuse of dogs and cats killed for food”?
  • In her free time, Christina usually visits museums, go to the movies, goes shopping and eats chili cheese fries at Johnny Rockets (no onions) with a cherry Coke?
  • The album “Mi Reflejo” was recorded in Miami?
  • That Christina was a big part in the making of her Stripped album?
  • Christina has 3 Grammy Awards and a Latin Grammy?
  • Christina has 2 MTV Video Music Awards?
  • That the recording of “Beautiful” was actually only the demo. Christina wanetd to get it perfect but the producers said, “No, it shows your broken notes and your flats and sharps, leave it how it is”?
  • Kelly Clarkson’ first single ‘Miss Independent’ was co-written by Christina?

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