• My name is Heron.

      And I’m going to attend Christina’s concert in Mexico City, that day I want it to be very important for my life, since I want to ask my boyfriend Fernando to marry me, Fernando is a Christina fan, and I would like to know how to ask Christina your help for this.


  1. I’m super excited to hear of your comeback and I’m looking forward to you touring in Tulsa! I love to be part of your fan club!@ -js

  2. Hi I was looking for contact details to see if its possible to obtain a photographers pass for Christina’s Glasgow HDRO show this year in Scotland. I was lucky to have shot Paul McCartney last year at the Hydro for Renffrewshire24news and Christina’s gig for Glasgow Scotland is going to be huge.

    Thanks David Cameron Paisley Photographer

  3. Would love to hear you and Paul Rodgers do a duet of any song you are by far the premiere female vocalist in the world and he is one of the premiere male vocalist I believe you two would sound spectacular together

  4. I am a 65 years Venezuelan grandpa of 3 beautiful children who live in Austin, TX.
    I have been your fan since I heard you for the first time.
    The most recent video La Reina (with Venezuelan musicians) made me love you more.
    Then I realized that you also sing regetton and this gangster son with Tini Sueltame.
    What should I do and where do I have to go, to have the honor of meeting you
    Please let me know…
    Efrain Cayama

  5. Hello !

    Just received Christina’s personally designed Chrysler 300 Eco as a trade in . Anyone interested in buying this collectible vehicle, it is Signed by Christina =) please email me.

  6. I am a die hard fan of Christina Maria Aguilera since her 1st music video on MTV. I have most her of cds, most of her DVDs, some of her cd singles, 3 books about her , 2 of her concert T-shirts from her online store, 1 poster of her, I have not been to any of her personal appearance, I have not been to any of her concerts. I watch her on TV. I am 56 from the city of Los Angeles in the state of California.

  7. I am 56 . I have not to been to Christina Aguilera’s concerts. I have not been to any of Christina Aguilera’s personal appearances. I have 1 poster of Christina Aguilera. I have 3 books about Christina Aguilera. I have most of Christina Aguilera’s cds, I have some of Christina Aguilera’s cd singles. I have 2 Christina Aguilera’s concert T-shirts from Chistina Aguilera’s online store, I have some of Christina Aguilera DVDs. I will meet and greet Christina Maria Aguilera in person in my birth city and my hometown Los Angeles. How is Christina Aguilera doing? I am a die hard Christina Aguilera fan since her 1st music video on MTV .

  8. Dear Ms. Aguilera: How are you doing today? I need your assistance immediately! Do you ever give assistance to anyone in need? I am in immediate need for emergency assistance after losing my job during the long-term pandemic & I need assistance to be used towards my home mortgage, utilities, groceries, & household items for my home. I still live in the same house where I was the oldest son & caregiver for both of my parents who passed away in 2017. If you could help me, would you be willing to assist me in the amount for $17,800? My email system is currently down right now, but if you need to reach me, my number is 1-(870)-898-5043. How soon could these funds be sent to the home residence of 651 North Monroe, Ashdown, AR 71822, where I live? I have two bills that need to be paid off by Wednesday & Thursday of next week before they go into default. Can you help me? Thank you for your time & take care!

  9. Hi Christina (Xtina),
    This is Compton Harsham (#619).
    I reached you in the 90s while you were doing your first album with song dance moves at the mall “Genie in a Bottle” (1999).
    We also spoke about the song “Beautiful” (2002).
    What is your contact number and address?

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