Rouge was borned in 2002 when is isn’t a fansite on “Christina Aguilera” and its on “Shinhwa”. Well when Rouge started, it is like the smallest fansite with a little content. Contains only profile and a small gallery. I’ve switched alot of hosts like such as fanwired and urban-files. But now, thanks to Qler, its hosted by fanfilled 😉 There have been lots of ups and downs. The past time servers has been down really bad and even lost lots of images and files and it is really hard to make a huge fansite. I have to mantained alot of critisism which is so common to those webmiss/webmaster but even so i have never given up on doing a fansite of Christina Aguilera.

When Xtina-Web.com is down, Fanfilled sold their hosting company to BuddyTV so I decided to host Xtina-Web.com myself from year 2009.

Why Rouge?
I really like this name (Rouge) alot. It represent glamour and beautiful name to me, as the pronounciation seems like so short and smooth that i wanted it to be ROUGE. For why is another reason named (Xtina-web.com), its because of this domain. As this site is dedicated to Christina so i named it her stage named (Xtina) and (Web) its stand shortcut of Internet, combined it together to form Xtina-web.com.

Why Christina Aguilera?
She is inspiring and is a special lady really did give me groove with her songs and encouragement to alot people. I’ve been a christina fan since her album (Stripped) and her voice really stunned me. Besides other diva like mariah, she is the next big thing. With this reason(s), i’ve decided to make this fansite of her. Thanks to his beautiful and talented lady.

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