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Since the beginning of her career, Christina has been rumoured to have dated numerous people. How many of these rumours are true? How many are false? Well, check it out…

Carson Daly: She left an innocent note to MTV’s Carson Daly after an appearance on the network. The “sorry I missed you” note made it to USA Today, which blared the headline, “Aguilera Uncorks Secret of Her Crush.” Daly was still involved with Jennifer Love Hewitt, and the article suggested that Christina wanted to bust up that little romance and have the VJ all to herself. “My first reaction was, ‘Oh, I’m important enough to be gossiped about,” Christina told Teen People. “Then I was like, ‘Oh No! This isn’t true!” When asked recently about the Carson rumors, Christina replied, “There are so many rumors. People talk no matter what, so I try not to let it get me down and bother me.”

Enrique Iglesias: This rumor was so highly populated that it was addressed several times on Christina’s Official Site. This is a rumor that is a little hazy, but was answered like this: “Christina and Enrique went dancing after the ‘Men Strike Back’ performance, and ran into each other when they were in Miami the next week. But they were never ‘really a couple’ and have not had an opportunity to see each other again.” Does this mean they were seeing each other, but technically not a couple? We may never know…

Prince William: Yes, that’s right. Shortly after the rumor circulated that Britney Spears was dating Prince William, came the rumor that Christina was interested in him as well. However, this rumor was blown out of the water when it was matter-of-factly stated that Christina “has never spoken with, met or attempted to ever communicate with Prince William.” Well, though she may be a Vocal Queen, looks like she’ll never be the Princess of England!

Eminem: Okay, I’m putting my personal feelings aside here, to simply report on the facts of this case. It all started at the 1999 MTV Europe Music Awards. Christina presented an award to Eminem, after which Eminem stated at the podium that he would rather take Christina home than the award. Christina simply giggled at the statement. That’s probably how the rumors started. But then the ugly side of Em emerged as he viciously slammed our talented Genie, as I’m sure you all know. But what was really the cause of all his rage? Christina picked an Eminem video as one of her Top Ten during her show on MTV called ‘What A Girl Wants.’ During the show it came up whether Christina thought Eminem was cute. Christina said she thought he was cute, but that he was married – meaning that he was not available to her. She had read that Eminem was married in the newspapers and did not know that Eminem wanted it to be kept secret – kind of hard to do anyway once it was already in the papers. Second, a discussion came up about his lyrics concerning domestic violence. Christina merely said that she doesn’t think that is a topic to joke about. That is it. Christina never spread any rumors about Eminem, ever. She merely said two true things – one, that she heard he was married and two, that domestic violence is nothing to joke about. Eminem responded with the untruths contained in his current single. Christina objected to the offensiveness of these untruths when the press demanded a response from her. Unlike Eminem, she has not brought the issue up voluntarily. Indeed, she has never volunteered anything further on this issue.

Fred Durst: Christina and Fred performing together at the 2000 Video Music Awards sparked a lot of rumors that the two were a couple. However, Christina and Fred are not dating. Christina does not consider Fred an enemy. Fred has visited Christina a couple of times on video sets and they both spend a lot of time in LA. Christina does not volunteer information about her contact or friendships with other celebrities out of respect for their privacy and to avoid the starting of untrue rumors. Christina has many celebrity friends that she sees on professional and social occassions. None of them appear on TV shows to talk like this. Fred for whatever reason, likes to bring Christina’s name up – maybe it’s for promotional reasons – it makes news and starts rumors. As for Eminems references to the two in the song, Both Fred Durst and Eminem have stated that the lyrics in the song are fictional and not to be taken as true.

Jorge Santos: When Christina first started dating hunky dancer, Jorge Santos, it was all over the press. Any article you read about Christina would have quotes from her like: “I actually fell in love for the first time this year,” and “I’m head over heels in love, but it’s really hard with all this travel and my crazy lifestyle.” But then rumors started flying 2 years later that Jorge was creeping on Christina. Whether or not that is actually true, we may never know, but the couple did break up. It appears that the split was amicable, as it is reported that Jorge is still one of Christina’s backup dancers.

Jordan Bratman: Jordan is part of Christina’s management company and they have been spotted at all types of events. Christina is consistently reporting how much she is in love with Jordan. There have even been rumors of an engagement and Christina wanting to settle down with Jordan.

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