Christina Talks About Summer, Domestic Violence & The Voice 10!

During an interview with Mimi chatter, Christina talks abouts spending her time during her youth days where domestic violence lived that’s what makes her to partner with Verizon is one of the reasons why she loves to be in this business. By getting involved, Christina can use her voice to give others hope and voice if they’re having hard time finding it themselves.

Also, she talks about her daughter, Summer and Max playing her makeup!

“She’s [already] playing with my makeup,” Aguilera confessed. “She likes getting into my brushes and all that. If she wants to do that, she can be a girly girl all day. If she wants to play with trucks then I’ll support that too. I’ve got lots of leftovers from my son.” – “It’s fun to play a character in a video or on a photo shoot where you’re all glammed up. And I love over the top,” she said. “But I think as I’ve gotten older, it’s easier to take off your makeup and show what you might think are your imperfections, such as your freckles, or just yourself without makeup. I think sometimes those can be some of your most empowering moments — if you can own yourself in your raw truth.”

On retuning to The Voice Season 10.

And for the girl that says that beauty is “your inner light,” expect to see a lot more of hers soon. Xtina returns to NBC’s The Voice in 2016 and she teases, “We already shot Season 10 and I’m feeling more confident than ever. I have some gems on my team. It gets easier and easier each time that I go back every season. The boys are loads of laughs. We have newcomers and love connections … I mean, what is there not to love about our show?”


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