Christina Aguilera Talks Spanish EP, Motherhood & More During Twitter Space With Billboard

Christina Aguilera Talks Spanish EP, Motherhood & More During Twitter Space With Billboard

Christina Aguilera will be part of Billboard’s Women In Music event on Wednesday, March 2, in Los Angeles.

In honor of Billboard‘s upcoming Women in Music celebration on March 2, Christina Aguilera joined us for a candid conversation via Twitter Spaces on Wednesday (Feb. 23) where she talked all things music and motherhood.

During her chat with Billboard‘s Leila Cobo, the “Santo” singer also announced her upcoming first-of-its-kind NFT Billboard cover, illustrated by YAM, artist and founder of World of Women, which will be unveiled next week to coincide with the Billboard Women in Music Awards (livestreaming on Twitter starting at 9 p.m. ET on March 2).

“[The cover] is super special,” the chart-topping artist said during the 30-minute conversation. “Combined with Billboard and an incredible artist who does beautiful imagery of women and a really cool take on what that means. I’m so excited to see for the first time along with everyone else.”

Aguilera most recently released the first part of her Spanish project, an EP titled La Fuerza, which comes more than 20 years since her first Spanish-language album, Mi Reflejo. “As an artist you can’t stay stuck. [Trying new things] can be scary and I’m not as confident writing in Spanish as I am in English, but its so special to me. You’re never too old old to learn something new.”

Below, five memorable quotes from Aguilera’s Twitter Space:

The desire to sing in Spanish again 

“I’ve always had it in me. I never stopped singing in Spanish. Whenever the opportunities came about where I was really passionate about a project, I’d go for it. I always say when you grow up with something, if it’s part of your household, my mom was fluent in Spanish, that’s how she met and connected with my dad, who’s from Ecuador. I heard the language so much. I always say, when it’s in you, it never leaves you.”

Her littlest (but biggest) fan 

“Being a mother and wanting to share this process with my children, it was an education within itself; letting them be part of this and moving to Miami for a month and spend time with them in the studio while recording Spanish music. I tell my kids where this music comes from. I don’t listen to my own music because I’m a perfectionist but my daughter when she gets in the car, all she wants to listen to is ‘La Fuerza’ and I’m so excited to get to share this with her. She’s very into it. It’s been well-received by my biggest little fan.”

Embracing motherhood 

“Everyone has a different relationship with their children and what it means to them to be a mom. [As mothers], we are protectors and nurturers, the glue that keeps it together, that’s the main part of La Fuerza. Being a mom also you just want what’s best for them. You don’t want anything to affect them in a negative way. I try to separate these two worlds. I honor and respect my family and our dynamic and making sure they know mommy’s work is just that. I miss my kids a lot when I can’t be with them but I make sure that if I can’t be there for school days to do the little things for them. Making sure that they know they’re safe, loved and secure.”

Tapping Nathy Peluso, Nicki Nicole and Becky G for “Pa’ Mis Muchachas” 

“It’s important to support women and you can take the easy way out sometimes to do what the public will expect, but all of my career I’ve gone for the unexpected. All my career I’ve gone for it doesn’t matter who’s charting. The talented self speaks to me and much of the time that doesn’t include everybody that’s on the charts. Some of that can get to be a bit manufactured. It’s always good energy to work with other women.”

The next chapters in her Spanish project 

“Fans have waited for so long so I wanted to give them surprises throughout the year. The first chapter is ‘La Fuerza’ and each body of work represents a different tone and different mood and a different release of the journey that I’m on as a woman. You start with the strength, and we’re going to be more tender and open up to be a bit more vulnerable with the material in the next chapter and then we’ll close on this healing note. It was very personal to me. I wanted it to come from the heart.”

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