Christina Aguilera Confirms Her ‘Latin Album Is Coming’ During Vegas Residency Show

Christina Aguilera also sang Whitney Houston’s “I Love The Lord,” the song that she sang as a teenager to get her initial record deal

It’s a city known for big fights, but Las Vegas has never seen a “fighter” like this.

Christina Aguilera’s Vegas residency show, The Xperience, has officially begun, and the show touches on every bit of her catalog, even the song that got her initial record deal.

Somewhere in between the lights, lasers, smoke and costume changes were the hits that put her on the map.

As expected, “Beautiful,” “Fighter” and “Ain’t No Other Man” were all covered, but Aguilera delved deep into her repertoire as well, singing “Reflection” from Disney’s 1998 film Mulan.

Aguilera struck a chord with the audience at Planet Hollywood’s Zappos Theater with her rendition of “Say Something,” which she originally made in A Great Big World with 2014. She also sang Whitney Houston’s “I Love The Lord,” the song that she sang as a teenager to get her initial record deal.

“I had to audition for the Mulan soundtrack and also my record deal in the same week,” she told the audience, noting that she had to go to her eventual producer’s office to prove she could sing. “I was super intimated, shaking like a leaf… and he says to me, ‘So sing for me.’ It was a sink or swim moment. He was like, ‘I want to prove you can sing for real.’ ”

Intimidated, Aguilera said she was “super, super inspired” by the movie The Preacher’s Wife and Houston.

“I’ve never sung them in a concert before,” she said. “It was a sink or swim moment. I swam.”

In addition, Aguilera teased the release of a possible Latin album. “Let’s not forget: the Latin album is coming!” she said during her performance of “Desnudate.”

Aguilera, though, is only getting her feet wet in Vegas, having now completed two of her 16 residency shows (her first show as even attended by Demi Lovato.)

The Xperience itself is broken up into multiple mini acts, and the vibe changed multiple times — a religious feel, complete with screens showing faux stained class windows, was apparent during “Where’s Maria?” and “Twice;” Aguilera took on a raunchier tone during “Dirrty,” as she came out on golden throne; she donned a playful look and oversized pink coat during “Candyman,” in which her dancers gave out suckers to audience members.

Make no mistake about it, one of themes of the show centered on women’s rights and equality. In between acts, a video appeared on the screens showing women from marching during the Women’s March. At the end of the show, she also noted that it’s Pride Month and fired off rainbow colored confetti.

“If I leave you with anything tonight please, let there be love,” she said, before ending her show with her song of the same name.

After her show on Saturday, which was attended by her husband Matt Rutler and their 4-year-old daughter Summer Rain, Aguilera joined several invited guests for a congratulatory champagne toast.

“I’m so excited about the whole Xperience,” she said. “Cheers to all of you. Thank you all for being here and sharing this moment with me in my life. It’s such a beautiful time and I hope you enjoyed it. Cheers to all of you.”

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