Christina Aguilera on Beats 1 on Apple Music on June 7

Christina Aguilera is seen appearing on Beats 1 for the release of “Like I Do”.

@Beats1: “I have to feel it and get it in my body and my blood.” @xtina on selecting songs for #Liberation.

@Beats1: “I need to speak my truth or else I’ll feel suffocated.” @xtina says she’ll always feel the need to release music. #Liberation

@Beats1: “I teared up when I first heard her vocal on it. The unity of it, and we’re coming from such an empowered place.” @xtina talks working with @ddlovato on #FallInLine. #Lovatics

@Beats1: “I have so much love for my fans and they deserve to see a really good show. We’re gonna strip it down and make it intimate.” @xtina talks touring. Hear the @zanelowe interview again soon on @AppleMusic:

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