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Xtina-Forum.com 5 Yrs Celebration + New Theme! Join Us Now!

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Dear loyal members from Xtina-Forum.com

Xtina-Forum has been online for many years, although there are up and down on the forum such as inactivity, technical problems, we will never erased all our dedicated members posts they have made since the very birth of the forum. Foremostly, we would like to express our gratitude we owe to our members and staffs for keeping the forum alive for such a long time. For the past few years, both Angelic & I were pretty busy in our offline lives that we were unable to focus on Xtina-Forum.com.

But as for now, as there are more spare times for us to focus on the forum and of course let’s not forget we still do support Christina! Angelic will be doing a brand new layout for the forum, and you may have notice, some of the posts and catergories have been rearranged and allows the forum becomes more readible. Some of the avatars for previous members seems to be broken, you may have to upload a new one to replace it.

We would also like to take this chance to let our long time moderators and administrators knows about the come back, hopefully we wil able to work on the forum once again! All previous members, please get involved with us like we did in the past. We strongly appreciated all the hardwork all of you have put on the forum! Users now can using their twitter and facebook to sign up on the forum. Let’s get this started and if you are not a member, become one now to get involved and social with us now! Last but not least, have fun!

Be Part of Xtina-Forum.com Now!

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