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The Voice: Christina Aguilera Mentor Interview

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The Voice is in the battle rounds starting Monday, October 14, 2013 and Ed Sheeran is joining Christina Aguilera as a mentor for her team.

“Ed Sheeran is my co-coach and I could not be happier. He keeps it easy and he’s so crazy talented and I know that my team is dying when they see him” Aguilera says.

It seems Sheeran though is star-struck. “She’ll go, ‘can you sing like this?’ and then she’ll let rip, and you’ll remember it’s Christina Aguilera, and she’s … sick.”  Sheeran also says he is looking for drive moreso than ability. “When I first started out I didn’t have any ability to speak of at all, but I did have drive and determination, and I feel like you can learn ability…”  You can watch the video below for more from Sheeran where he talks about his early days and the rejection.

On coming back to The Voice, Aguilera says, “It’s a team I am familiar with. I have a history with the boys and knowing so many things about each other, it’s fun coming back. We can film our own behind the scenes show.”

Wouldn’t you want to see a behind the scenes show of The Voice? How have they not done that yet? For more of the (stunning!) Christina, watch the rest of the interview below.

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