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‘The Voice’ recap: ‘Wow, baby. Just wow.’

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Good thing The Voice has a boxing ring on set, because Christina’s about to punch out Justin Timberlake. Turns out that JT has stayed in touch with Tony Lucca ever since their Mickey Mouse Club days, and he tweeted his support for Lucca and Team Adam on Monday. “Tony Lucca @luccadoes performs LIVE tonight on #TheVoice,” he posted. Tune in and vote for my boy!!! #realtalent.” At which point, Xtina gets like, Uh-oh, it’s on!

Now, before we get to that heated exchange, let’s get through a few tense words of our own. I know there’s a ton of Tony Lucca fans who read these recaps. And I love his awesome cover of Daniel Johnston’s “Devil Town” as much as anyone, especially when it was used so well onFriday Night Lights. But I just don’t think his version of Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” is anything special. When he drops the falsetto parts down to a lower key, he can sing everything more easily, but he destroys all the vulnerability in those high notes, when Gabriel’s voice almost cracks. And what the heck is Lucca doing slapping those fans’ hands so excitedly? We’re supposed to hear his heart breaking! This song’s dedicated to the guy who gave some lady his heart, and she left it at the Gas N Sip,remember?

Christina is obviously peeved. “Hi Tony,” she says, sighing. “Obviously we go back.” (Imagine Lil Xtina and Kiddie Tony fighting over Mickey Mouse ears. So cute!)  “I thought that was a good performance, I just find it to be very one-dimensional.” Then she continues: “Obviously, you have me and your old Mouseketeer buddies behind you, and Justin in particular, but I hope this is about the voice, rather than a celebrity sway.”

You can say what you will about Christina, but even when she’s not nice, she always tells it like it is. Even Adam has to respect that. “That was honest,” he admits. “Honest is good.”

Besides, celebrity endorsements feel kinda tacky on a show that’s supposedly searching for raw talent alone. And that should make me want to DITCH HIM. But he’s been better in previous weeks, so I’ll give him another chance. Let’s KEEP HIM TIL TOMORROW, and hope that Timberlake backs off.


Another day, another Adele cover? Do the Voice coaches think she’s the only pop singer in the world who can actually sing? Yarbrough’s pretty brave to choose the widely over-sung “Rolling in the Deep,” but she’s also pretty confident: “Kim Yarbrough doesn’t go out looking stupid,” she says. “So I’m gonna sing like it’s the last time I’m gonna draw breath.”

If that sounds dramatic, well, so does Kim’s voice. Blake is correct that she runs a little sharp on some notes, but she’s one of very few performers tonight who appears to be feeling actual human emotions on stage. She scrunches up her nose, glares at the camera, and conjures so much anger and regret in that one, crucial line—we could’ve had it all!—that you might start to feel scared for the guy she’s singing to. Tonight, someone might be sleeping with an ice pick under his pillow, just in case.

Adam knows that the original’s hard to match. As he says, “Adele, she’s a freak!” But then again, Cee Lo’s a freak too, and that guy digs it. “I don’t know if I love it,” he tells Kim, “but I love you.” So romantic!KEEP HER!


“You’re so good at this, you’re like from another planet!” says Adam to Mathai. And maybe he’s right—but only if that planet is Mars, and Adam has already set up camp there. Am I the only one who doesn’t really understand the appeal of Mathai? She totally misinterprets John Legend’s “Ordinary People,” a tribute to a tough-but-worth-it relationship where “it seems like we argue every day.” She pretends it’s a first-blush love song, singing with a giant dopey smile on her face. Her jazzy “ad libs,” as Christina calls them, are grating. And it doesn’t help that someone’s projected a giant, sucked-in-cheekbones portrait of her in the background. (Note to the coaches: this show isn’t called The Face. Note to NBC: I would totally watch a show called The Face, but only if it starred Purrfect the Cat.) What was I saying again? Oh yeah. DITCH HER.

Source: EW

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