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Simon Cowell Mentioned Xtina

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Simon recently did an interview with Ellen Degeneres while he was promoting “X-Factor” and Christina’s name was mentioned in this interview.

Quizzing Simon on why Britney Spears got the boot, Ellen stumbled as she attempted to find just the right way of posing the question.

Ellen: Was that something that… How did that happen initially? Why did you go this will be right for the show?’

Simon: ‘I think if I’m being honest with you, Ellen, there was a time I think everyone was trying to up themselves in terms of who could find the biggest known star to be on a panel,’ he explained. ‘And in terms of a pop singer? Jennifer Lopez and the other one on The Voice… I can’t remember. Blondie. Christina [Aguilera]. And we said, “We’ll take Britney”. She was fine, but I think she found it very uncomfortable.’

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