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Rumor: Christina Aguilera Heading To “Capitol Records”?

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Christina Aguilera reported switching her record label from “RCA” to “Capitol Records”, let’s hope it’s true! No confirmation from her PR yet. 

This is one of those cases where we post a rumor , which came to us from the Latin American fans. The fact that the other day photo shoot took place (as they say – for the magazine Elle Brazil), as reported by the photographer on Twitter . In a few pages on Facebook there were rumors in the form of excerpts from a new interview with Christina Aguilera for this magazine .

According to this rumor , Christina said in an interview how difficult it has been the past few years , full of setbacks. And now she would like to start from scratch , to devote more time to his fans . In early 2014, ending a record deal with RCA, as well as the new , most likely, will be selected by Capitol Records. Christina reportedly said that it was ready to release a new album with a new label , and now makes every effort to work on it , the writing process began. She also hopes that the new album will be able to give your audience the best.

Whether this is true or just another rumor , time will tell . Interview for the December issue will be available only at the end of November, and perhaps before we have time to learn the details of the official sources.


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