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Latina Interviews Christina Aguilera

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Latina sat down with Christina Aguilera where she talks about “The Voice”, Spanish album and stay fit.

Christina Aguilera returns to reclaim her chair on The Voice tonight! In anticipation of tonight’s debut, the Ecuadorian American superstar answered a few questions via email.

What did you think of Shakira and Usher as judges? How does it feel to be back on The Voice

Shakira and Usher were wonderful, each are so talented and have so much experience in the business. I know they had a lot to offer their teams. It feels great to be back! It feels like [Cee-Lo and I] never left the show. I am really excited for the new talent this season.

What do you think makes The Voice unique from other music completion shows?

It really lives up to its name. It’s about allowing talent to grow and learn and not a show to tear people down.

How was it working with Alejandro Fernandez on “Hoy Tengo Ganas de Ti”?

He is such an incredible performer and I was so honored to do this duet with him. It’s a classic song I grew up hearing.

Did making that single give you the itch to make another Spanish language album?

Absolutely, but I didn’t need the single to give me the itch. It’s something I really want to do when the time is right.

You’ve said that running around chasing after your kids is one of ways you stay in shape. What are some other ways?

Not putting pressure on yourself, just doing what makes your body feel good and keeping yourself healthy inside and out.

Do you have any favorite Latin foods?

I like it all! One thing Latinas know is how to make delicious food!

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