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AGBW Talk About Working With Xtina on “Say Something”

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A Great Big World recently did an LIVE interview on reddit and they talk about working with Christina Aguilera on “Say Something”:

Q: How was Christina on a personal level? is she shy or forward?
A: She’s definitely not shy. She’s very confident, and has an amazing creative vision. And she was also super nice!

Q: How did you react when you found out Christina Aguilera wanted to work with you?
A: I didn’t believe our manager when she told us. I literally said “SHUT…UP. STOP IT.” Hah. #thisischad

Q: What has been your favorite moment to this point?
A: There have been so many! Recording with Christina was pretty magical. Something we’re both gonna remember forever. #thisischad

Q: What is your favorite Christina Aguilera song and album? I love her on “Say Something” ! Mine is “I Am” from Bionic.
A: “Beautiful” from Stripped. No question. #thisisChad

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