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Geoff McBride and Moses Stone Talks About Xtina

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Q. You know The Voice is known as a singing competition, so what made you take the brave step in going in there with a rap act?
A. Moses: I think it definitely was a brave and bold move by myself, but I think it’s time for hip-hop to be recognized in a lot of the competitions that’s out right now. There’s not much for hip-hop artists to showcase their talents and the show is technically called The Voice and I feel with every song and every artist it’s been on lyrics and it’s based on emotion and it’s been on connecting with the audience and I feel rapping is the same thing…it’s poetry and it’s certain cadence in a person’s tone and delivery and the way they speak and the way they protect themselves and that is the same as using your voice and singing and nowadays everything is built together and hip-hop is definitely a big part of music and me personally, I thought it was time to step and do something different and get to the forefront. I really want to represent hip-hop…I want to represent pushing the boundaries and envelope between all artists. It was a blessing I got picked by my amazing coach Christina and I’m truly honored and truly blessed and happy to be on her team.

Q. What was it about Christina that made you choose her over Cee Lo?
A. Geoff: My decision came down basically to the one who I thought had more interest. I remember Cee Lo saying that he was looking for a powerful female singer. I wasn’t aware of who had gone on, but I knew that if I walked on the stage and I wasn’t exactly what he wanted than I wouldn’t have that opportunity. I was shocked that he did turn around, but I chose Christina simply because she turned around in the beginning and she was there until the end and that’s really what I based my decision on.

Q. And how excited are you to work with Christina, who her herself is known for having a beautiful, strong voice and huge vocal range much like yourself?
A. Geoff: Very, very excited to work with Christina. I think that the journey is just beginning, so we’ll see what’s in store.

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