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Emmy surprise: ‘The Voice’ beats ‘The Amazing Race’

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In a night of Emmy surprises, this was one of the biggest: NBC’s The Voice overthrew usual Emmy favorite The Amazing Race to win the Outstanding Reality Competition Emmy.

In the history of the category, Race has only lost once before — to Bravo’s Top Chef  in 2010.

Backstage, Voice executive producer Mark Burnett said: “Considering everyone comes up to me weekly and says ‘I love your show The Amazing Race,’ it feels pretty good to beat the show that I don’t produce and people think I do produce.”

Burnett was also asked about comparisons between his music competition show and Fox’s American Idol and the producer didn’t mince words.

“This is a very different show,” Burnett said. “This is a kind show. There’s no humiliation in The Voice. And people said these types of shows would never work without humiliation, but not true. America loves kindness and freshness and brilliant music. And so we never felt the comparison ourselves. We’re back tomorrow night. And we want to be No. 1 again. And this is great.”

Source: EW

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