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Christina Aguilera’s New Body Looks Amazing

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Is it just us, or is Christina Aguilera looking better than ever these days?

We have to admit, the 31-year-old singer and “The Voice” star has gone through a bit of a rough patch lately, style-wise. She sported that odd Sonia Rykiel disco CD-ROM headband for multiple “Voice” tapings. She had that famous self-tanner malfunction. There was that too-tight bodysuit she donned for the Michael Jackson tribute concert, which earned her the nickname “Snookitina.”

After her new TV gig cast her into the national spotlight once again, Aguilera also fell under nasty criticism for her curvier frame: Howard Stern slammed her as “plus-size” (he used it as an insult) during an interview with Adam Levine, and Kelly Osbourne snarked about Christina: “I was never that fat.” Complex magazine said she “look[s] less like a genie that could actually fit in the bottle.” But throughout it all, Aguilera declared that she was “very confident” about her body — a message we’re definitely on board with.

But lately, we think Christina has even more reason to be proud of her appearance. She’s lost the frizzy curls in favor of a sleeker blown-out ‘do. Her makeup looks waaaaay less dramatic. And Christina also opted for a better wardrobe on last night’s first live eliminations episode of “The Voice”‘s second season, donning a tangerine-colored bandage dress that wonderfully showed off her figure.

Source: Huffington Post

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