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Christina Aguilera’s Modest Rider Revealed

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The singer has simple and modest tastes while on the road

She is one of music’s biggest names and has been accused of throwing stroppy behind-the-scenes diva behaviour – but Christina Augilera is about to silence her critics, possibly once and for all.

Because the ‘Dirrty’ singer’s backstage rider has been leaked and shows a very modest star just wanting the essentials for her dressing room – with not a puppy, fluffy blanket or humidifier in sight!

In fact her demands for a happy backstage are very modest indeed with requests for simple things such as chocolate milk and chewing gum.

A copy of the rider has been obtained by thesmokinggun.com and shows that she asks for very little when she’s on the road.

On the list, Christina, 32, asks for Nesquik chocolate milk, Oreo cookies and club sandwiches, as well as fruit, vegetable and meat platters, tea and coffee, chewable vitamins and gum.

She had one demand that might prove tricky for venue bosses, but also shows that she is eco-friendly as she requests that there is a limited amount of disposable cups and cutlery used.

It’s certainly a far cry from what boy band The Wanted said about the songstress. When they appeared on The Voice USA last April, on which she was one of the judges and mentors, they said she completely ignored them.

Speaking to Now FM, Max George said: “She was a bit scary to be honest.”

Bandmate Tom Parker added: “She’s a total b****. She might not be a b**** in real life but to us she was a b****. She just sat there and didn’t speak to us. Wouldn’t even look at us.”

Source: Entertainment Wise

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