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Christina Aguilera Talks About Her Plans For Her Next Album

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Let’s talk about your music. It seems that each of your studio albums have been about-faces from the prior release. What do you have planned for your next studio album?

I just can’t wait to get back into the studio with producers who want to come from a heartfelt level. I feel like a lot of what’s on the radio has the same sound, and I am at a place in my life after the past year that I’ve had—so much has happened to me with the divorce, personal changes in my own life, highs and lows. It’s almost the same vein as when I wrote my Stripped record— the feeling of “Hold on, let’s hear my side of the story.” The bottom line being “I’m a fighter and I’ve survived everything.”I wrote “Fighter” about that—about thanking people for being such ass-holes, because in fact they made me fight that much harder and grow that much stronger.

I’m basically coming from a much more introspective place on this record. I have a lot to write about, and I can’t wait to put it on paper and on record.
It’s going to be a really interesting record, and it’s all about turning everything I’ve done into something positive.

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