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Christina Aguilera Likes New ‘Voice’ Twist + Red Carpet Video

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“The show feels bigger.” That was host Carson Daly’s assessment of season 2 of NBC’s “The Voice” when Billboard caught up with him and other stars of the show on the red carpet Tuesday night.

 Coach Christina Aguilera sounded similarly positive, especially about the new twist that was introduced at the live elimination show ( which claimed two of her singers).

“We kinda had a minute to understand what it was all about last year,” she told us. “Although this year, a really cool twist was them getting to come out, pick a song… and sort of get one last chance. In those blind auditions we’d have no clue what’s behind us and all we had was the big red button… And all you could go by is what sounded good to your ears. What moves you. I went into this year really wanting unique voices, and I think that’s what I got.”

Also on the red carpet, we chatted with Aguilera’s fellow coach Adam Levine, contestants Jermaine Paul, Lindsay Pavao, Jordis Unga, Chris Mann, Rae Lynn, Erin Willett and Jesse Campbell, as well as just-ousted Charlotte Sometimes, Naia Kete and Moses Stone.

Source: Billboard

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