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Christina Aguilera – Leute heute Interview Video + Screen Captures

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I have uploaded new screen captures of Christina Aguilera being interviewed by Leute heute to the gallery.

Host: Welcome TV viewers, we are guests at the house of superstar Christina Aguilera in California. She is currently really back in business, new album, new perfume, and I think she also has new self-confidence. She is talking about it with us. ‘Hello Christina’

Christina: ‘Hello…’

Reporter: We met Christina Aguilera at her mansion in Los Angeles, the 31-year-old invites us for an Interview. She is getting ready for it in her living-room. Christina is in a good-mood (happy) and relaxed. That’s really good for us, because she is really honest in the Interview.

Christina: I have so many decisions to make and I’m really a control freak so it’s nice to lay back and give away the control like in bedroom sometimes…

Reporter: Well, well. your boyfriend guitarist Matthew Rutler is the man for the ‘relaxing’. Rumour: He is the reason why is gained so much weight lately. The 31-year-old singer is now more body consciousness than she had before. Thank you to the new weight, she is making a point against size zero in Hollywood. Aguilera the confidently.

Christina: I ‘m happy to live here now and not being 21 again so trying to figure things out and enjoy becoming older and i find myself stronger (and then the wiser part)…

Reporter: Christina Aguilera submitted herself for a long time the wishes of her labels, held a strict diet. The reason: People buy more music from skinny artists! But it now came to an end! Christina is back in business and the best thing: the 31-year-old grown on inner strength!

Christina: That’s what (it sounds like she is saying LOTUS, but the woman translates it with LOVE so i’m actually not really sure, but i go with love) love is all about. it’s everything, i get into the woman i’ve been through and that’s how i survived over a decade in that business and i think i have come into that point  (here i gave up, cause then she somehow starts talking about ‘a place’ and the german woman and her voice….)

Reporter: Her true love – next to her boyfriend – is (of course) her son Max. You can find pictures of him and her everywhere in the house. Christina loves to be a mom, and you can truly feel it! She has grown up, she has self-confidence and is balanced.

Thanks to Jessica for the translation



UltimateGabeSaporta October 19, 2012 - 3:12 pm

hi. i’m german so if you need someone to translate the vid for the international viewers of your site, contact me 🙂

Angelic October 19, 2012 - 5:28 pm

Thank you!


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