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Christina Aguilera has no X Factor regrets

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Christina Aguilera was defiant about her smutty X Factor ­appearance when I caught up with her at the premiere of ­Burlesque earlier this week.

She told me: “I think it’s great that I ­continue to confidently inspire women to feel ­confident and ­comfortable in their own bodies.

“People have ­always tried to shame women for their sexuality. I think this movie definitely embodies beauty, and the art of Burlesque is all about female ­empowerment.”

Righty ho!

I don’t know why but ­Christina doesn’t seem to have a good aura about her.

She was giving nasty looks to many people on the red carpet one minute and posing nicely the next ­(admittedly with me, too). And she made a bit of a dig about Cher.

She said: “She is an inspiration and it was so great working with him… him?! Sorry I mean her.” Oops.

Source: Mirror UK

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