Christina Aguilera defends her racy X Factor routine after 2,000 viewers complain…

As you may recall, a lot of people made a ho-ha over Christina Aguilera’s and Rihanna’s performances on X Factor on Saturday night. Apparently some people saw their dance routines and costumes as just too sexy for pre-watershed viewing and consequently they took to their phones to ring Of com to complain about it.


In fact quite a lot of people complained about it – 2,000 to be precise. But Christina Aguilera – who we spotted in London yesterday with her bf – reckons that’s ridiculous because burlesque is an art form, and therefore can never be classed as “too raunchy.” She said:

“I don’t think there is such a thing as too raunchy when it comes to the art form of burlesque. It’s very empowering to women to feel confident in their own skin and in their bodies and this represents that. Everyone in the spotlight is judged and there are many opinions out there, but I stick true to what I believe in.”

Well we’re not sure we agree with you on the empowerment of women part Christina, however we do think that many people are far too quick to criticise X Factor and place complaints about the show over petty, irrelevant things.

This series of the programme was actually the most complained about series ever with a total of 5,000 people phoning up Ofcom to moan about fixing, autotune scandals and many other things. And now ITV have had to have stern words with Simon Cowell about it. One inside source said:

“That tarnishes the image of The X Factor and ITV so things must change. It’s our image as a family channel that’s at stake. Serious meetings are taking place with Cowell and executives.”

Is it just us or are some people getting far too serious about something which is, after all, just light entertainment?

Source: Mr Paparazzi

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