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Christina Aguilera bugs out over a fly on ‘The Voice’

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Christina Aguilera has one of the biggest voices on “The Voice” — but on Monday she used her vocal power to scream, not sing.

The pop superstar was sitting pensively in her chair, musing over her decision to keep contestant Destinee Quinn and allow Lina Gaudenzito be stolen by fellow coach Adam Levine, when she idly glanced at something buzzing around her shoulder.

“Is that a mosquito?” Blake Shelton asked.

Christina panicked and ran screeching from her chair as CeeLo Green and Adam looked on in puzzlement. Blake, however, continued to fan the flames.

“Was it a mosquito?” Blake asked again.

“I don’t know! What was it?” Christina yelled, in a high-pitched voice nearly beyond the ability of human hearing to discern.

Enter the gallant Adam, surging to the rescue with his chosen weapon: a towel. The Maroon 5 frontman smacked her seat with it until he dispatched the offending insect. The verdict?

“It was a fly,” Adam said.

That didn’t matter. “You sit in my chair,” Christina ordered Blake. “I don’t like bugs.”

Besides Christina and the fly, the biggest battle of the night was waged between James Wolpert and Will Champlin. Adam’s singers closed the show, and Blake enjoyed their performance for more than one reason.

“I love it because Adam has no idea what he’s gonna do,” Blake said.

Looks played a part in the discussion here, somewhat ironically given the show’s title. Will, the son of a former member of the band Chicago, could pass for a rock star. James, on the other hand, looks like someone dragged him onstage at a karaoke bar.

“James, you’re the surprise because you don’t look the part to me,” Blake said. “This guy comes up here and he’s got his tie on, glasses, the hair parted … it’s just not right.”

For once, Adam agreed. “It’s interesting because Will … you do look more like what we hear,” he said. “James, you look like you could be working the stock market — in a cool way.”

After a suitable amount of agonized soul searching, Adam picked James. Christina swooped in to steal Will.

Her reward? More bug talk.

“Man, I hope there’s not a nest of them things — ’cause usually when there’s one, there’s a bunch of them,” Blake said.

“Stop!” Christina begged.

Blake laughed evilly. Who wants to bet that there’ll be a rubber snake on her chair before the season is over?

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