Christina Aguilera, Beau Had Sex in Bathroom at Family Bash

Christina Aguilera knows a bit about getting “Dirrty”.

Since her October split with husband Jordan Bratman, the singer, 30, has been getting plenty rowdy with her new 25-year-old beau, Matthew Rutler

An insider tells the new issue of Us Weekly (on stands now) that the Burlesque star and the production assistant even had sex in a bathroom at a recent family gathering.

“Her friends are fed up,” the source says of Aguilera’s recent antics, which included a New Year’s Eve blowout fight with her mom and a booze-filled night of crying at L.A. club The Dime in January. “Nobody can get through to her. They think she’s trashy. And her ego is out of control.”And at least one Aguilera pal isn’t confident things will improve any time soon.

“She’s really spiraling,” says the source. “I would be shocked if she’s not in rehab in the next month or two.”

For more on Aguilera’s out of control behavior — including how her three-year-old son Max is doing — pick up the new issue of Us Weekly, on stands now.

Source: People


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  1. Poor Christina 🙁 I knew her new boyfriend would be a bad influence on her. I would love to help her, I would do everything for her. She deserves the best, she’s been through so much.

  2. She fought with her mom? oh, i don’t think that New Year’s party was an even where her mom was present! i hate insiders. i agree, she started acting like a dive.OVERLY! she needs to slow down or she loses the crown! about sex in the bathroom… i never saw those two even kissing like a couple in love does…sex? nooooo hahahaha

  3. and getting divorced was a good idea because? sh’e out of control and needs serious help. i hope jordan gets full custody. he deserves it.

  4. i don’t know about that diva has nothing to do with her boyfriend..i agree though…no one is perfect…but i rather xtina be some diva than walk around rubbing her talent in people’s faces like many otehr stars do. But it’s true…stupid insider blows up eveyrthing..but i wld hve freaked out too…xtina is rushing it too much..and Matt is messing her life up. he needs to go away.

  5. Is making sex in a bathroom so strange?? And I think that fighting with mom sometimes is necessary!! What do they want from her? Haven’t they got anything better to write???

  6. Seriously guys do you believe that magazine !!! It is 10% truth only I don’t think fighting and sex something weird or needs a rehab really come on you can come up with worse story than that since you are already lying. It’s all crab. She maybe feeling down and lost but she used to drink a lot even when she was married to Jordan . I don’t believe the rehab story it’s just a commercial for the magazine to sell .

  7. This story isn’t true. It is told in the fashion of one of Christina’s haters. And even though Christina may seem like a diva (people think she is because she doesn’t often look at people in the eyes and she doesn’t kiss everyone’s ass), it doesn’t mean she’s a diva.

  8. First off I love this site and all but why in the hell is it putting rag tag on here about Xtina????!!! Secondly, those stories are old and us weekly is a tabloid. they have been trying for weeks to get people to pay mind, but notice none of the better quality mags are even putting this up there! Secondly, we have seen her in public and a true alcoholic can’t hide that and wouldn’t be able to function!! So I think the person leaking these stories are Matt because he wants some attention for being with Xtina because everytime it gets quiet something pops up having to deal with that boyfriend. Drop the douche bag and stand alone on your own two feet!

  9. I agree it’s probably over the top. US Weekly tends to make up a lot of stuff right? It’s hard to know how bad it really is or isn’t for her…who knows. Maybe some of it could be true; we just don’t know. And to Xtinafan1, well people can have a serious problem with alcohol and yet function in daily life. I know people like this. It’s not clear whether she does though. And about posting info like this on this site – I am not sure about that either, but maybe it’s nice to know what the press is saying about Xtina. (By the way, I think this is a great site too, the only one I really look at on Xtina!). Too bad they do not seem to be painting her in a favorable light right now, but she did get some good buzz about Burlesque right?

  10. if christina was having drunken rages, out of control as these articles stated @Charis, then we would see this, especially with the way the paparazzi stalks her nowadays because those types of rages would trickle and if she was bad don’t you think Jordan would have her in court snatching Max???? uhhhh yeah so don’t defend these rags to me. She would not be unsupervised visits if she was a danger to her kid and if these were her friends and they really thought that then for that lil boy social services would be called so no alcoholics don’t hide it well or else you wouldn’t know any because you wouldnt know if they were right???

  11. I see what you mean…well I don’t mean to start anything; I’m just saying it’s hard to know what’s really going on with celebs sometimes because the media so blows things out of proportion – and I feel like this magazine and other reports like this are exaggerating, yes. Maybe Christina will tell the real story to her fans someday, even through her new music (which I want to hear already!!).

  12. This is complete and utter Bullshit. For one the only sites that have posted about it where US Weekly and Perez Hilton who have been caught out spreading bullshit about Christina her family and friends before. People magazine have posted it without the responses from her friends and representatives. So to be honest I think its absolute BS. For another there is no evidence no photo’s no video’s nothing to support that any of this happened, they just have their ‘sources’. As well as that we all saw the photo’s from the New Year’s party and she didnt look drunk at all. She looked happy and as if she was having fun. And her friends where apparently the ones that said all this when they said themselves that it was rubbish. They dont have any evidence to support any of this the way they did with Britney. Just cause she has been seen coming out of clubs 2 or 3 times tipsy does not mean she is having a meltdown I mean seriously. Lots of celebs get drunk and are falling about all over the place which Christina wasn’t. She hasnt even been spotted at any clubs or bars since the Golden Globes last month. I dont believe anything tabloids and media have said unless there is evidence which there is not. Seeing as they blew the Julianne/Xtina cat fight way out of proportion as well. When Christina never even touched her or shouted at her. They had an argument yes, but they sorted it out between themselves. But again the media blows it out of proportion as always. The media are just attacking her right now. And about 99% of what they report is most likely to be bullshit. I wish they would just back off and leave her alone.

  13. sooooooooooooo true my friend!! peoepl r so jelous of xtina.i think ever since her divorce they’ve been trying to exploit her like crazy!! lol..they if think she’ going to have it as hard as britney then the’re idiots!! This is no where NEAR britney’s problem, plus, people continue to fail to realize that xtina is a fighter and always bounces off of this crap!! i hate media nowdays!! it’s all about jealousy…and blowing things up JUST to sell and paper, JUST to get money!!

  14. It seems like the media has always been extra hard on Christina. I don’t know why…it’s awful. Or maybe not more so than other celebs…I don’t know.

  15. Only one thing to say in this kinda situation: pics or it didn’t happen. These ‘friends’ must be imaginary, sounds like a bullshit story.

  16. Why is a fansite posting this here????

    I mean we all know the BS being said about x-tina it just makes no sense for it to be published here in a fan site. 😐