Christina Aguilera #8 on Billboard’s “Top 25 singers from 2000 to 2010”


  1. Its by record sales, xtina fans, dont worry. Do you honestly think they would put britney terrible voice spears above xtina and mariah? pleez

  2. definately sales and success!! ughh! being overated really puts u in spots u don’t deserve…don’t worry xtina….i belive u should have been number #2 on that list if not #1. whataever….these lists r always bull.

  3. Seriously. This is a popularity contest not a singing contest. I’m not saying some of the singers on this list are bad, but I think many people (in the world, not just this site) would agree Christina deserves to be much higher. Billboard bases the top of the charts on the most selling song/album in a period of time as well as total sales. Keep in mind how many Grammys Christina has won and they are the most prestigious awards for music and talent VS. MTV, etc. awards.

  4. beyonce is a new “lol” diva..
    she’s ever falled at her concert!!
    is she “diva”?

    n i agree from the number 4 to 8!
    they are SINGERS!!

  5. I see the xtina stans are mad… You got dragged by Gaga… dead at them saying Rihanna is a better singer than Xtina… her people told her to stop overdoing her songs… Gaga only 3 years in the game and is consider a better singer than Xtina… POOR FLOPTINA!!!!

  6. *Nothinbutshade* Obviously you are obsess with Christina otherwise you wouldn’t bother to search for her. You should actually be thanking her for giving CaCa some press. This is based on sales, obviously. I don’t think Britney or Gaga is better than Christina and certainly not Mariah Carey. Though I call bullshit on Kelly Clarkson..she hasn’t made music in what I don’t know since her 2nd LP?

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