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Celebrities who were bullied as kids

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Christina Aguilera is featured on Yahoo’s photo album of celebrities who were bullied as kids.

“The Voice” judge didn’t always have the power to make or break other people’s music careers. For years, she just wanted to pave her own fame path. But some people in her school didn’t like it.

As an aspiring teen pop star, she was the object of ridicule among her Staten Island classmates. A few tormenters would slash her tires to prevent her from getting to gigs on time and mess with her microphone to embarrass her on the stage. “There was a lot of resentment and I think there was a bit of jealousy involved,” Aguilera revealed during her ‘Behind the Music’. “There were threats that were made on me and my mom. They would thrash my tires if I would win a certain competition… I just remember (thinking), ‘I gotta get out of here, I gotta go make my dream out there.”

Source: Yahoo!

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