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Celebrities Tweeted About The Premiere Of “The Voice”

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Beverly, YOU killed it. Wasn’t expecting to like this show but I’m actually psyched there seems to be some unique talent there.#TheVoice

Source: Yelyah Williams

Go queen Xtina ! “THE VOICE ” rocked me ! I hope it gets a huge audience ! Don’t hate me but I thought Idol could b mean to performers

Source: Cher

Can’t wait for @TheRealXtina on The Voice tonight! Kill it Stella! hey hey heeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy

Source: Nicole Richie

I dont really support musical competitions but I’m gonna support my friend @TheRealXtina by watching this Voice thing.

Source: Real Linda Perry

I watched the Voice last night, I liked it a lot, made me feel really glad to be in my band and thankful to do what I do.

Source: Benjamin Madden

ok so its done, and i DEF LOVE #TheVoice! im in for the season…

Source: Claude Kelly

Enjoyed watching “The Voice” tonight. Finally a competition show based on pure talent.

Source: Nicky Hilton

Watching the new show The Voice. Cool show

Source: David Archie

Okay I’m cheating on American Idol …..The Voice started out tonight with Cee Lo, Blake Shelton, Adam from Maroon…http://fb.me/P6NU4v1I

Source: Kelly Clarkson

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