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Bill Werde From Billboard Questions To Fan Question Regrading Xtina

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Bill Werde from Billboard replied a topic at Atrl.net when a fan asked a question about Christina’s future comeback.

Q:What does Xtina need to do to have a proper comeback? Will she ever find success again?

A: she’s obviously supremely talented – arguably the most talented pure singer of the last several generations of pop stars. So there’s always the possibility of a comeback. She can also really rise to a moment. Her tribute to James Brown at grammys after he died didn’t make sense to me on paper but instantly became one of my personal top 50 pop moments. 

I think she’s struggling on two fronts. One, there’s the ageism thing in pop. I definitely don’t agree with it – in fact I think it’s completely awful – but it seems that pop only accepts teens and young 20-somethings singing frankly about sexuality. Xtina and Janet are two examples of women on the wrong side of this bias.

I think another dynamic possibly working against her – and this is just what I hear, not what I’ve seen – is that she hasn’t completely endeared herself to some in the business. It takes a village to be successful – promoters, producers, label execs, agents etc. If you end up with a reputation as being difficult or under-appreciative, it doesn’t help you when you’re in between hits. Those are the times when you most need the best folks in the biz to want to help you.

Again, I’ve just heard these things second hand. She was nothing but sweet to me in person.

So what does she need to do if she wants to make a comeback? It all begins and ends with the quality and positioning of the songs. Id say party/Club songs but more upbeat/positive. I’d also like to hear a ballad or two that can stand next to Beautiful. Songs about empowerment and overcoming adversity.

Then she needs to work. Endless promo. A run of small Club dates to reconnect and build buzz. Radio promo out the butt. That sort of thing.

I think the most important question at this point – for her or for anyone in her situation – is, does she really want it?

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