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Aguilera: ‘I’m always under the microscope’

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Christina Aguilera has confessed that she feels as though she is under constant scrutiny by the media. 

The singer – who was recently arrested for public intoxication – said that she becomes frustrated with the negative spin that is often put on stories involving herself but insisted that she does not let such reports get her down. 

“We’re only able to be seen through the microscope of the media and what people gossip about,” she told US Weekly

“You take the good with the bad. It’s by telling our stories, sharing our experiences and really giving a first hand look at us as human beings [that shows] who we really are apart from what we seem to be.”

Aguilera was recently announced as a celebrity coach for the upcoming NBC singing competition The Voice.

Source: Showbiz Spy


rp March 17, 2011 - 3:37 pm

Yesssss!! FINALLY!!! An article where XTINA takes charge!!!!!!!! Yup, it’s true…she IS always under the microscope for dumb reasons. Superbowl was a MISTAKE (rare for xtina, god!), arrest..i can see that, but Matt chose to drive knowing he drank, but still arrest was blwon out of proportion, divorce…yes, that was bad…but the media has no right to assume someone cheated if it was NOT mentioned by either one of the couple, stumble at superbowl has to be the MOST RIDICULOUS miscroscpish thing EVER!! If someone was woudl have fell…no one woudl have given a CRAP! How sad and predictable..i knew they would put her under the microscope ever since the superbowl..and the media dwells on EVERYTHING!! Just let the crap go already. It’s like “oh, i wonder what xtina will screw up on this time…” How pathetic. The only fools here are the haters/media, not Xtina so haha!!

People just like to bash her cause she’s super talented (unlike many other successful artists who r just products to help them out, no off.), and burlesque was HUGE success, but articles lie and say it flopped (well, who’s the fool here?)…they’re all just threamed by her singing, dancing and NOW acting skills!! haha! poor envious people.

Don’t worry xtina…hard times as you know..only make u stronger! All artists have haters but many artists is can SEE how they would be hated (not that i would support that hate), but there has been not ONE xtina hate that has been completely legit….EVER! Im telling u xitna..it’s all jealousy.

Good to know that queentina is back on track and things will onyl improve from here! Time to show the world that you still own the throne!! YOUR lyrics…YOUR claim.

rp March 17, 2011 - 3:39 pm

whoops..i meant “stumble at grammys”


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