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Adam Levine and Blake Shelton Talks About Christina Aguilera

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Everyone wants to know: Is it true you guys don’t get along with Christina because you think she’s a diva?

Adam: There’s an element about everybody where’s that’s true. I’m a pain in the a–. I’m a diva to a large extent. But listen, Christina is a proud girl. She’s aware of who she is and that image, which I think she accepts.
Blake: Christina’s a diva – one of the greatest-female-vocalists-of-all-time kind of diva. And with that comes confidence. But a lot the times, it’s just misunderstood. She showes up and works her a– off. I actually get along with her awesomly. But I won’t say we haven’t had arguments before.
Adam: She’s often the target of negative criticism, and I want to defend her. We can’t underestimate the fact that she’s the only girl [on The Voice]. There are three fart boys doing this, and she’s got to deal with our nonsense. I feel the need to kind of speak up and say, “Leave her alone, man.”

Do you two ever fight?

Adam: Nah. We got into one little tiff one time. You were fired up about something, and I talked you down.
Blake: If there’s an argument, it’s us talking each other off the cliff. Because normally, I’m p—– at Christina, or she’s p—– at me, and he’s defending her. We try to be each other’s voice of reason.
Adam: We play fair, but I still wish to destroy you.

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