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Adam Lambert congratulates Christina Aguilera on new single

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Adam Lambert has lavished praise on Christina Aguilera’s new single.

Aguilera is currently in the process of relaunching her solo career with the track ‘Your Body’, which is said to have recently leaked online.

Speaking on Twitter today (August 25), Lambert excitedly praised the track and in particular its hook, tweeting:

“I love @TheRealXtina’s new single! “Your Body” SING THE SH*T OUTTA THAT HOOK mama! whew.”

He continued: “No one sings like xtina… no one.”

Lambert was later asked by a follower who he rates best – Aguilera or Lady Gaga – to which the ‘Trespassing’ star responded:

“Xtina and gaga are both great for their own reasons. They’re different artists.room for all… aint a competition, its music.”

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rp August 28, 2012 - 11:36 pm

I’m not a fan of gaga but i do agree with Adam, however, as much as I 100% SUPPORT peace& unity with no arguments or whatever, every once in a while, it still bothers me. I’m sorry but Xtina didn’t have to get cooky or accept a contract that would market her as the “next madonna” to become successful. All Xtina used was pure raw talent…no extra help. Thats’ why she’s known as the Voice…not a madonna clone (which is sad for gaga). That’s why she got her walk of fame. Because she’s being Xtina (which is herself)….not Madonna. Yes, everybody has their own voice, which is WHY you can only be yourself and not the next Madonna. Xtina is just on a better road. Anyway, excited for her comeback!   


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