Xtina not worried about ageing

Christina Aguilera says she wears her “wounds” with pride and is looking forward to turning 30.

The singer-and-actress has endured a tumultuous year after splitting from her husband Jordan Bratman but she insists she learns from all the negative experiences in her life.

The ‘Burlesque’ star reaches the landmark age later this month but rather than worry about getting older she is looking forward to using all the lessons she has learned over the past 29 years to have a great next decade.She said: “In this business, people get really scared of age but I wear my wounds as something I’m proud of. You learn so much more about yourself and now I couldn’t even imagine being 20 again. I really wouldn’t want to be, to be honest, going through all the growing pains. Now I just feel that I’ve arrived at a place where I’m experiencing a lot of change for myself in a great way. I’m growing as a person and as a woman, and I think that this is the beginning of a new chapter for me.”

Despite her years of experience in the music business, Christina – who has a two-year-old son Max with Jordan – insists she still gets nervous before going on stage.

But just as she has learnt to use her personal struggles to her advantage, the pop beauty uses her “butterflies” to energise her stage routines.

She added in an interview in the Metro newspaper: “Every time I go on stage: beforehand, I do have a level of nerves and butterflies. But I feel like it helps me because it definitely gets the juices going and gets the adrenalin going. In fact, it gives me the ammunition I need to execute the performance.”

Source: Iol Za

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