Is Taylor Momsen Mirroring Christina Aguilera?

Pop-Ed: It’s a good thing those rumors of Taylor Momsen leaving ‘Gossip Girl’ are completely untrue. I’d miss seeing Taylor as ‘Easy J’, even though her character’s emotional roller coasters on the show are nothing compared to the drama she creates for herself in real life. But as hard as Taylor tries to be the bad girl of Hollywood, I’m willing to bet she’s a relatively normal teenager who just happens to be milking an image gimmick for all its worth. 

The adorable little girl who once played Cindy Lou Who in ‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas’ is on a mission to prove, with enough eyeliner and lingerie, that she’s anything but sweet and innocent now. Whether she’s publicly professing her love of vibrators, joking about sleeping with a priest, or proudly claiming to have set her dog’s testicles on fire, she’s desperate to let us all know she’s, “…not looking to be Miley f*cking Cyrus.” 

She’s blamed her parents for robbing her of a childhood, signing her up with a modeling agency at the age of two and giving her no choice but to work nonstop through adolescence. Most 17-year-olds on the cusp of freedom from mom and dad’s rules don’t get their outlandish statements and regrettable fashion choices published in the tabloids, but Taylor’s restlessness and rebelliousness are pretty typical for kids her age.Taylor’s compulsive need to differentiate herself from her Hollywood peers and hyper sexualize herself reminds me very much of a younger, wilder Christina Aguilera.

Source: Pop Eater


  1. Actually, Christina was pretty tame until her 20’s that’s when she did Stripped and decided to do things her own way. Taylor Momsen on the other hand is 17 and is a little more risque than Christina was at that age but she can definitely sing for sure.

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