Is It a Purse or a Skirt? Christina Aguilera Channels Y2K Style in Daring Sparkly Look

The musician shared a series of Instagram photos that exuded the ultimate early 2000s vibes

Christina Aguilera is showing off her stylish goods.

The Burlesque star, 42, who’s known to rock plenty of stop-and-stare getups, decided to don a totally 2000s look for her newest Instagram post.

In the photos, shared Monday, the “Genie in the Bottle” singer, styled by Chris Horan, poses in a spring/summer ’24 Namilia rose crystal micro skirt designed in the shape of a handbag. The snug bedazzled mini features purse-like pockets in the front as well as a rounded strap.

The two-in-one style is a common silhouette of the provocative clothing brand, which sells plenty of skin-baring pieces.

Aguilera teamed the light-catching bottoms with a black T-shirt, transparent heels and A-Morir eyewear.

Even the musician’s nails were painted to perfection, her fingers decorated with long pointy white tips accented with a black wavy design, and her toes polished in a bright yellow shade.

“Precious Goods,” Aguilera captioned the photos.

On the topic of nails, Aguilera is all about making a statement, fashion or other, with her lengthy claws.

While appearing on a sexually charged episode of Call Her Daddy in April, she wore a very fitting set of three-dimensional NSFW nails that sent out a strong message.

“I’m staring at your nails, what’s happening?” host Alex Cooper inquired before coming right out and asking, “Is that a vagina?”

“Oh yes,” Aguilera said with a smile. “They’re so fun.”

“It’s open to interpretation,” she continued. “It could be a vagina; it could be lips, but two in the same, both pleasure points, you know.”

“This couldn’t be more appropriate for a Call Her Daddy episode,” Cooper said while laughing. “Casual Christina Aguilera is like, ‘It could be lips, it could be my p—- lips, God bless you all, up for interpretation,’ ” Cooper added.

Aguilera has previously opened up about liberating her sexuality and how she aspires to empower other women to do the same.

“This is a very natural progression for me personally,” Aguilera told PEOPLE while talking about her new role as sexual wellness brand Playground’s co-founder and chief brand advisor.  “[I hope to] inspire other women to feel comfortable with talking about their experiences and owning their body and their sexuality and what that means to them, because every woman is different.”

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