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Christina Aguilera Takes Tough Questions On “Today”

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Stepping out to promote her show “The Voice,” Christina Aguilera was spotted at the “Today” show this morning (May 17).

The “Ain’t No Other Man” songstress looked lovely in a cleavage-baring dress as she chatted with Matt Lauer about her life and career.

Lauer started in, “There have been some tough times this year: the National Anthem thing, the fall at the Grammys, the divorce, the public intoxication. There was a time where people, your friends, the people who love you the most, tried to intervene in your life. Is that true or is that an exaggeration?”

Christina replied, “I think there were some definite ex, disgruntled employees along the way. Whenever things happen like this to you, some people just want to kick you when you’re down. For me, I’ve been in this business a very long time. . .and you’re going to have your high moments and your low moments.”

She continued, “Right now I feel that I’ve found my true friends and people who are really there for me and have stuck by me and have just supported me. When you’re going through a hard time, you don’t need people judging you and ridiculing you. The people that are around you are going to be the ones to support you and love you through whatever difficult time you’re going through.”

Lauer kept at it- “But you did have those people, too. You had the friends, because there were people who were not attacking you, who were genuinely concerned about you.”

But Aguilera rebutted, “Well, only I know that. Some people like the drama of creating [stories] around you to make themselves look better, like, ‘Oh, I saved her,’ when really you just have to be a friend and support.”

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rp May 18, 2011 - 1:41 pm

yessss! Im glad xtina was so open about eveyrthing.really? that grammys fall should NEVER be mentioned that was NOTHING. but hey, when ur under the microscope, all is only precitable. that guy was pretty rude too. man, it’s nto fair how bionic didn’t get a fair chance, but Im so looking forward to this next comeback! hope it’s as hard as ever!! get those haters  who downloaded bionic caus ei know they did!


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