Christina Aguilera Releases 2022 Version of Her ‘Beautiful’ Music Video

Christina Aguilera is still reminding the world of their beauty! On Wednesday, the 41-year-old singer premiered “Beautiful (2022 Version),” which is a reimagined version of the video from her 2002 hit.

The new music video for “Beautiful,” directed by Fiona Jane Burges, takes a modern approach yet has the same inspiring message, as various groups of young people hold phones as a reflection of today’s obsession with social media.

Aguilera does not appear in the video, but rather a host of young people who are affected by the pressures that come with social media. The video features a group of young dancers who hold phones while they put on makeup in front of a ring light; a young woman who sits in an empty room surrounded by images of beautiful women and contemplates breast surgery; a young man who stares at an older, much bigger man lifting weights; a girl who stands in front of a vending machine full of diet supplements and makeup tools; a group of girls who sit in a plastic surgeon’s office; and a young man who sits alone in a mental health facility, surrounded by pills.

In the end, the subjects find their beauty as some of them sing the lyric “We are beautiful,” while they strip off surgery gowns, wipe away the makeup, and play in a field full of flowers.

The video ends with a harsh message that reminds the viewer just how much things have changed since the release of the original video two decades ago.

“In the last 20 years since Stripped was released, social media has transformed our relationship with our bodies, and in turn, our mental health,” the words over a cellphone that leaks blood reads. “Research suggests that time spent on social networking sites is associated with body images issues, self-harm and disordered eating in children and teens. This needs to change.”

The message is followed by a link to Aguilera’s website that has resources for mental health, suicide prevention and other tools for healing.

“Beautiful (2022 Version)” explores the song’s message of self-acceptance, self-esteem and personal empowerment through vignettes of modern young people in a provocative visual critique of contemporary culture both online and in real life,” a statement about the video says.

The original music video for “Beautiful” touched on the themes of disordered eating, gender identity, LGBTQ+ issues, racial identity and featured Aguilera sitting in an empty room and singing the song, while the themes were explored through various young actors.

“Beautiful” originally premiered in 2002 and was the second single off Aguilera’s fourth studio album, Stripped. The music video debuted in the number two spot on MTV’s TRL, and remained on the popular music video chart for 50 weeks. In addition, the video earned much praise and acclaim from critics. The song won a GRAMMY for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the single and Stripped. In celebration of the milestone, RCA/Legacy will release a digital edition of the album with new cover art and bonus tracks.

The music videos for Stripped’s singles, “The Voice Within,” “Beautiful,” “Can’t Hold Us Down,” “Fighter” and “Drrty” (featuring Redman), will be released in high definition and available on Aguilera’s YouTube channel on Oct. 21.

Stripped 20th anniversary edition will be released on Oct. 21.

Click below to watch the original version of “Beautiful.”

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