Christina Aguilera: “I’m Rediscovering My Latin Origins”

Christina Aguilera: “I’m Rediscovering My Latin Origins”

A music career spanning three decades, Christina Aguilera (Xtina) is marked by a rare high voice. She is also an almighty artist, doing well in three fields of art

  • Famous for his rare 4-octave voice.
  • 1993: Joins Mickey Mouse Club.
  • In 1999, began a solo career with the album Christina Aguilera. The album earned her the Best New Artist award at the Grammys.
  • Released studio albums  Mi Reflejo (2000), Stripped (2002), and Back to Basics (2006). In 2003, Christina Aguilera was the most successful female artist of the year.
  • 2011–2016: Coach of The Voice USA.
  • 2015: Acting in the TV series Nashville.
  • 2019: Recurring on The Xperience show at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas.
  • As a triple-threat entertainer, the artist works in all three fields of music – acting – dancing.
  • In 2022, release the Latin album La Fuerza.

Year of birth: 1980
Birthplace: New York, USA
Areas of activity/occupation: Music, Art,
Millennials grew up with Christina Aguilera’s music. That is probably one of the reasons why she is loved by the global public with the nickname Voice of the Generation. Entering the entertainment industry in 1993 with the Mickey Mouse Club, Christina’s talent and high-pitched voice was quickly recognized.

In 1999, she released her debut album, Christina Aguilera. At that time, Christina Aguilera covered the world with hits Genie in the Bottle, What a Girl Wants, and Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You). She is the one who laid the foundation and created the teen pop trend that rocked the world music scene in the 1990s and 2000s.

The album Christina Aguilera brought her the Best New Artist award at the 2000 Grammys. The albums that followed Stripped (2002), and Back to Basics (2006) were all successful worldwide. Looking back on the artistic path, Christina Aguilera confided: “What do I miss the most? Definitely, the relationship with Disney laid the foundation for my career. It was followed by days of burying myself in the studio with many talented artists. Finally, the show! Standing on stage, in front of a sea of ​​people full of energy, helps me grow up.”

All-round artist

Christina Aguilera is the perfect balance between talent and looks. After music with a series of awards, she became the coach of The Voice (2011–2016).  And yet, Stina also tried her hand at cinema through works Burlesque (2010), and Nashville (2015).

That still wasn’t enough for Christina’s talent. She performed in The Xperience at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas. Multi-talented and multi-talented, vocalist Genie in the Bottle is a rare star known as a “triple threat entertainer” (an artist who performs well in all three fields of music – cinema – dance).

Regarding her film career, she promised: “In the future, perhaps I will focus more on cinema. Then I will work with a director and script that makes me empathize and allows me to have fun in building the character.”

Back to Latin music

Earlier this year, Christina Aguilera released the Spanish-language EP La Fuerza with six songs. On the final track, La Reina, her powerful voice makes an emotional declaration: “Even if you’re an emperor, you need a queen.”

“Recently, I have rediscovered my Latin roots and deepened my learning of this musical style,” says the music diva. Call it rediscovery, because this is the second Latin album in Christina’s career. In 2000, at the peak, the powerful vocalist released Mi Reflejo, the album that topped the Billboard Top Latin Albums for 19 consecutive weeks.

“I can confidently say that my music today is less influenced by the outside world. They are art created from a creative soul.” La Fuerza means “strength”. “ La Fuerza is a reflection of my current life, full of strength, pride, feminism, and gratitude . ”

Christina Aguilera: Fashion Icon

Along with the music, the female singer’s style also changed. If in the Pop era, Stina’s goddess-like blonde hair was iconic, in this Latin era she chose fiery red hair.

“Fashion and Beauty is an area I have never been bored with. I love experimenting with new styles, I love the statements they make. Fashion is one of the great ways for me to express myself and my creative work,” Christina Aguilera told Harper’s Bazaar.

As an almighty artist and tireless artist for the past three decades, what is   Christina Aguilera’s advice to young artists?

“Everyone has an inner strength that makes them unique. Determine as early as possible who you are, and what you want to seek in life. Be consistent with your beliefs and the type of art you want to create. Finally, always be kind to yourself and those who care about you!”

*** Implementation team ***

Muse: Christina Aguilera.
Photographer: Thom Kerr.
Producer: Louise Baretto.
Art Director: Emily Jones.
Hair: Iggy Rosales.
Makeup: Etienne Ortega.
Stylist: Wilford Lenov.
Stylist Assistant: Kyle Hayes.
Nails: Coca Michelle.
Male Model: Prince Julio.
Lighting: Jeffrey Fountain.
Co-Producers: Cory Tran, Vincent Tran.
Xtina Team Manager: Sarah Francus.
Publicist: Brett Ruttenberg

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