Christina Aguilera and Latto – Just Eat Commercial Video

Christina and Latto are serving up surprising new cuisines! Get yours delivered today on Menulog

Y’all ready for something new?
Did Somebody Say Menulog
Oh you thought it was just burgers and fries
They got more flavours than you tasted or you heard in your life.
Ooh – this is what the app do It ain’t only fast food
Switching styles like opera to rap too
And it ain’t only restaurants anymore
We can go bananas at the grocery store
I’m a bad girl but my takeout badder
What you need dude? I can cop a taco platter
Thai rice sticky icky
Gyoza on the side fried right cos we kinda picky
Breakfast or lunch hun Dinner or brunch
Wanna find the finest dining? I got a hunch
And some hot tall dude’s bringing buns to the ballroom
Got me a strong coffee Let’s get it on papi
Ice-cream with my magazine Who can stop me
And my sushi train is on loop
When you this slick whatchoo gon’ do?
Did Somebody Say Menulog

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