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‘The Voice’ digital correspondent Alison Haislip’s Twitter hater advice

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“If you live on the internet, you know that haters, you know that trolls, they’re just– they’re the nature of the beast. They come with the territory,” Alison Haislip told LA TV Insider Examiner when we caught up with her at The Voice earlier this week.

Here’s the thing: some of these performers are still so young, and so new to the public eye, let alone any semblance of fame, so Haislip told us that the one thing she is really cognizant of is that while she’s back in the V-Room with the contestants, Tweeting along with the show and interacting with their fans, she makes sure they understand how to let any criticisms roll off their back.

It was a really good point to make, especially considering The Voice semi-finalist Frenchie Davis endured a bit of controversy of her own during her previous stint with reality television. Developing a thicker skin is something Davis shared with us that her own coach, Christina Aguilera, is really helping her to do.

“We had a wonderful chat about becoming thicker skinned, which is something that I have to work on because underneath all of whatever this comes across as, I have a very big heart, and I’m a little sensitive…There have been times when I’ve called my mother crying because I read something mean about myself somewhere, and you know, what I admire about Christina is that she just remains Christina no matter what people say about her,” Davis told us.

So Haislip tells the contestants– and this is good advice for anyone dealing with online bullies, really– that if they see something negative about themselves or the show, they have to ignore it.

“Don’t acknowledge it; you’ll only fuel the fire! It’s hard to sometimes, but you know, I think they’re learning that as they go along,” Haislip wisely advised.

The Voice returns to NBC, live from Los Angeles, on Tuesday night at 9pm.

Source: Examiner

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