Christina Aguilera Performs at Millennium Dance Complex on Feb 26 + Videos

Christina Aguilera and her dancers perform at the Millennium Dance Complex in Hollywood on February 23, 2016. Lady Marmalade ...

Happy 35th Birthday To Our Beautiful Christina! (New Photos)

To celebrate Xtina's 35th Birthday, we have added several new photos of our beautiful Christina for staying youthful and vibrant till today!

Christina Aguilera Glams Up For Women’s Health Mag

Christina Aguilera looks freaking gorgeous on the cover of Women's Health magazine.

Christina Aguilera Performs at Lincoln Center Presents Sinatra Voice for A Century HQ Photos...

Christina Aguilera performs with Seth at Lincoln Center Presents Sinatra Voice for A Century at David Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center on December 3, 2015.

Christina Aguilera Picking Up Pumpkins

Christina Aguilera was seen picking up pumpkins in Los Angeles on October 27, 2015. Just met the lovely @xtina! Thank you for making my day so special. 🎃💚🍂 #christinaaguilera #xtina...

Xtina 36th Birthday Party — Kylie IS INVITED!

Christina Aguilera is seen celebrating her birthday with her friends on December 10, 2016. Video #2: Xtina at her birthday party on Dec 10— Xtina...

Christina Aguilera To Perform at Spike TV’s Tracks TONIGHT

Christina Aguilera will take over Spike TV's Tracks! The show will air on 10.30pm EST. Excited to share my love for music & game shows in latest...

Xtina Poses For X’mas Photos!

Christina Aguilera posted two photos of her posing for Christmas!

Christina Aguilera at ‘Craigs’ Restaurant on March 20; Hi Res Photos

I have uploaded new candids of Christina Aguilera spotted at 'Craigs' Restaurant in West Hollywood, CA on March 20, 2016.