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By Angelic Filed in: 'Just A Fool'

[blackbirdpie url="https://twitter.com/RCAPromo/status/269612620485644288"]

We can expected a full promo for the next weeks and will expected to have WW Tour.FJus

Thanks to Nathan_Venezuela for the tips!

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  • Cis

    love the song, your voices sound so good together, I love both of you, but was surprised by how well you sounded together. Great job!

  • ric

    omg!!! i knew this song deserves to be an official single! It’s time we need another duet song as epic as “Nobody Wants To Be Lonely”
    Please Xtina and RCA, these songs also needs to be promoted: Red Hot Kinda Love, Let There Be Love, Army Of Me, Cease Fire, and Blank Page… and Empty Words :D

  • Alex

    FAKE account.