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By Angelic Filed in: 'Your Body'

A fan (RaY RaY) recently got back from “The Voice” season 3 taping and he is spilling fresh tea to us!

Hey guys! I was going to write my review first, but I have fresh tea for you guys! I went to the 3:30pm taping and my group was the last to leave the audience. This became a blessing in disguise because little did we know, our section was picked to be in the background for when Carson Daily announces the WORLD PREMIERE of Christina’s anticipated new single “Your Body.” I almost died when he said this. Then afterwards, he said that you can buy the song on iTunes after the performance and “now back to the blind auditions.”

With this said, it is safe to say that Your Body WILL be performed first on The Voice during the blind auditions. Therefore, this rules out a possible VMA performance and it also verifies a September release of the song on iTunes (since that is when the blind auditions are aired). I couldn’t wait to get home and share this information with you guys. A lot of people have been beating around the bush and even have been secretive, but once I got my hand on this tea, I am spilling it all over this damn board! I love you guys and I want to share this with you guys. 

  • I was seated in the very back row, but the section that faces the judges. So I got to look at her beautiful face all night.
  • When the judges were coming out, each judge came out alone except when Christina was called. She was walking hand in hand with Blake Shelton like they were walking down the wedding aisle. It was so cute. He helped her down the stairs.
  • Before the tapings, Blake started singing bits of Genie in a Bottle and Lady Marmalade. He changed some of the lyrics to make it funny.
  • I yelled “CHRISTINA!” after the first battle round. She looked up at my section and searched for me. I put the X sign up with my arms. She then put the X sign up and waved her fingers like spirit fingers. So she waved to me while throwing up the X sign with her arms. It was the highlight of my night!! I’m still in shock. She saw me and waved back at me!!
  • There was a lot of interaction with both Blake and Adam. No negative energy at all. Christina was laughing the whole time. Her laugh is so loud and cute. You can tell she was having a good time with the boys.
  • Carson called CeeLo the most honest coach. Of course we know the Christina is the most honest coach. Christina was pissed and threw her fan at him and hit him with it. He picked it up and put it in his pocket and said “$40 on ebay!” It was cute. Then she wanted him to throw it back, but Christina missed and it hit the ground. She tried to get Blake to pick it up for her, but Adam was in the middle of making a difficult decision. CeeLo ended up picking up Christina’s fan during the break. It was cute.
  • There were powerhouse vocals during these “Knock-Out” rounds. Expect a lot of people to blow you away. There was a girl that wowed Christina to the point where she said “Thank you for waking me the hell up.”
  • There is a guy that is on Team Xtina that auditioned last year, but didn’t make it. I can’t say his name, but he was the really hot guy that Christina wished she picked last year. He went to a prestigious school, but moved to LA to pursue his career in singing. He obviously got past the battle rounds and is on Team Christina this season. This REALLY made my night as well because I have been following him on Facebook and Instagram since his audition last year. I’m so glad he made it this season!
  • Christina’s tips are NOT blue. They are purple, and they are adorable. She has her hair down, parted in the middle. Her shoes aren’t pink. They are shiny silver Loubitons. I think the lighting makes the bottoms look pink. But, they aren’t.
  • Christina’s ass is GIGANTIC! Even my friend that isn’t a big fan was like OMG look at her butt! He said it reminded him on Nicki Minaj.

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