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By Angelic Filed in: "Royal Desire", "Secret Potion"

Christina Aguilera launched her new fragrance, Royal Desire, in Munich, Germany, earlier today, and her long blonde hair off to one side had her looking a little mermaid-esque to us. We know there’s been a lot of talk about mermaids lately, with Lady Gaga hyping some kind of mermaid incantation in her upcoming video (the name’s “Yuyi,” if you must know) andKaty Perry planking as a mermaid on the set of her latest under the sea adventure. But we have to give props to Xtina for reppin’ the long blonde mermaid ‘do since way back in the day.

If you travel with me down memory lane for a second, you’ll remember that Christina was channeling some sea goddess-inspired locks during her “Lady Marmalade” phase, back when Katy Perry and Lady Gaga were just wee apples in the pop world’s eye. And we’re not saying there isn’t room for many pop star mermaids (never thought I’d type that), we’re just saying go ahead and let the mermaid war continue if it must — Christina’s been known to be a “Fighter.” With the best mermaid hair ever.

Source: MTV Buzzworthy

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  • Fionic/x

    Royal Desire Isn’t The New, Secret Potion Is!

  • rp

    well Royal dEsire is new only in Germany, but yeah lol it’s old in other countries. i have ALL the xtina perfumes! i can’t wt for Secret Potion her stuff always smells good!